“La Aldea has been warmly welcomed by the students. The fun and beautiful images and metaphors in this pedagogical tool show the importante of meaningful learning experiences. Moreover, ClickArte’s teacher training work has been a cause for celebration. Through this process we have reached 20 schools, 16 education centers and 10 PTA teachers; this represents 5000 students”.

Jairo Vela, Sub-secretary of Education, Ipiales, Nariño.

“We believe that La Aldea has been a tool to strengthen pedagogical processes in schools in Ipiales, under the Secretariat of Education. This strategy has benefited teachers in their teaching experience and many of them are deeply committed to its implementation in the classroom”.

Jairo Vela, Sub-secretary of Education, Ipiales, Nariño.

“La Aldea is very creative and innovative. It integrates play, story-telling and characters that relate to the whole experience of going back to school. It has elements for learning skills and offers play-based learning environments which are thoroughly designed and conceived for children. Additionally, the strategy can be adapted to many different contexts and educational communities, both nationally and internationally”.

Gloria Jurado Erazo, Secretary of Education, Pasto, Nariño

“Currently, we are focusing on returning to face-to-face education. This has been a challenging experience because the pandemic has left us with many fears. So La Aldea -from Unicef and ClickArte- has been a fundamental strategy. Thanks to this intitiative, our teachers, students, school administrators and the whole school community in our town have had an ally to keep pushing forward. 10 of our schools, which represents around 5000 students and 240 teachers, have benefited from this wonderful strategy. This strategy has been highly valued by teachers, and the secretariat is completely on board with it”.

Gloria Jurado Erazo, Secretary of Education in Pasto

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