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During 2021 and the beginning of 2022, UNICEF has been supporting students and teachers during the school reopening in five departments in Colombia: La Guajira, Atlántico, Norte de Santander and Arauca.

This strategy benefits more than 50 000 students and 2000 teachers. Its goals are:

  • Support the reopening of schools after a whole year of distance learning due to the COVID-19 emergency.
  • Help children catch up on their learning loss after the pandemic.
  • Strengthen social-emotional learning and resilience in students.
  • Assist in the construction of cross-cutting strategies for a quality education.
  • Involve families in the learning process.

The strategy is deployed in two main moments. First, handing over the book La Aldea: Stories for a world in transition and their multimedia contents to students and teachers; and second, a face-to-face and online training for teachers to learn how to use the material.

What materials reach teachers and children?

What is La Aldea?

La Aldea is a multi-platform eduactional strategy that allows children up to 14 years old to learn about themselves and the world around them. Through a universe of characters inspired in our own lives, amusing stories that work as metaphors of real life and engaging activities, children can play while strengthening their reading, writing, mathematical, scientific, artistic and social-emotional skills.

La Aldea aims to support families, teachers and their schools to achieve flexible, meaningful and transformative education processes. As a whole the contents of La Aldea function as a strategy to improve the quality of education and they are designed to reach all children regardless of their internet access.

What did we do during lockdown in 2020?

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La Aldea was created by Click, a creative pedagogy agency devoted to imagining new ways to learn.