Tumac dressed in the colors of La Aldea

The Ciudadela Tumac Educational Institution dressed itself up as La Aldea. Enrique, Carmen, Lorena and many other characters now occupy a special place in some once-forgotten classrooms. We spoke with the director of the institute and he told us a little more.

“La Aldea in Tumac has been very important in strengthening the literacy processes and everything that has to do with orality. Literacy allows children to learn more easily and as La Aldea is a strategy based on stories, it has served the students a lot and will continue to have an impact on them in the future. Because ofthe impact of the strategy, we decided to transform the school. We decorated it, we painted it and this process was very significant.”

“This space had been relatively abandoned. Then, a large number of teachers and students were summoned to clean, tidy and beautify the place. They were very fun days, with a lot of hard work, but the students enjoyed it a lot. It’s very nice to see the walls like this, they were spaces that had been forgotten, as the school is quite large. Staying in this space now is nice and the kids have really enjoyed it. The appearance of the classroom changed completely, it was filled with color and it’s been very striking for the boys and girls.”

“La Aldea is not just a strategy for the pandemic or the return to school. It can and must be a continuous educational strategy. We are interested in using this material to support a fun learning experience for children”.

Miguel Merchán Moreno, school principal of the El Empalme educational institution

“Living in this remote corner of Ipiales, we are grateful to be part of La Aldea”

After Ipiales, Puerto Asís and Orito, we arrived at El Empalme educational institution, located in the township of Cofania Jardines de Sucumbíos, which is part of the city of Ipiales, bordering the Putumayo department.  In this township there are 3 afro-colombian community councils, 5 indigenous communities and 11 peasant communities. 

The school principal, Miguel Merchán Moreno, tells us why he decided to include the whole teacher community in the training process with La Aldea. He talks about the importance of this strategy for students and families. The work in this school started with only 5 teachers…today, there are 36 teachers participating in training sessions with Click advisors. 

“I decided to involve all the teachers, both from primary and secondary school, because I believe it’s essential that the whole teaching staff is familiarized with a strategy like La Aldea. It’s a tool that was specifically conceived to be used during the pandemic, a time in which children and teachers have had to face radical changes in their learning processes. First, with distance learning and now with the return to school. So La Aldea is perfect for students to begin their adaptation to the new system and going back to a sense of normalcy. Additionally, it is ideal for them to maintain a reading habit and explore different subjects. 

But La Aldea is not just a strategy for the pandemic or returning to school. It can and must be used as a continuous educational strategy. We are interested in using this material to support a fun learning experience for children. Today we can use and benefit from this tool thanks to the training provided by Click and UNICEF.

Living in this remote corner of Ipiales, surrounded by nature, we are grateful to be part of La Aldea. We say thank you in the name of all the parents and students that are in need of  support and educational materials for home education. That way, learning is not confined to the classroom, but can occur at home in a family environment. We are pleased to be taken into account. Our institution truly needs it”.

5 reasons why teachers are using La Aldea for reopening schools!

  1. This is a strategy that can be used for both face-to-face learning and distance learning. 
  2. The stories and characters of La Aldea are a thought-provoking exploration of the world we live in. 
  3. The book La Aldea: stories for a world in transition was specifically created to face the challenges of the present time: How to design a blended-learning lesson? How to face uncertainty?  How to cope with health and safety measures? How to ensure learning and fun? 
  4. La Aldea represents more than 8 weeks of learning with four chapters of stories, more than 65 learning activities, a fun tool for self-evaluation, a Carol claw that gives students power for classroom participation and a poster for children to become authors and illustrators of La Aldea. 
  5. This is a tool that not only supports students, but also teachers. With a single book, teachers can approach different subjects: language, mathematics, natural sciences, art, social-emotional learning, and much more. 
  6. La Aldea includes songs, videos, audiobooks, yoga exercises and a website. 

La Aldea is so much more than just a book; it’s an entire universe!

“La Aldea has been warmly welcomed by the students. The fun and beautiful images and metaphors in this pedagogical tool show the importante of meaningful learning experiences. Moreover, ClickArte’s teacher training work has been a cause for celebration. Through this process we have reached 20 schools, 16 education centers and 10 PTA teachers; this represents 5000 students”.

Jairo Vela, Sub-secretary of Education, Ipiales, Nariño.

“We believe that La Aldea has been a tool to strengthen pedagogical processes in schools in Ipiales, under the Secretariat of Education. This strategy has benefited teachers in their teaching experience and many of them are deeply committed to its implementation in the classroom”.

Jairo Vela, Sub-secretary of Education, Ipiales, Nariño.

“La Aldea is very creative and innovative. It integrates play, story-telling and characters that relate to the whole experience of going back to school. It has elements for learning skills and offers play-based learning environments which are thoroughly designed and conceived for children. Additionally, the strategy can be adapted to many different contexts and educational communities, both nationally and internationally”.

Gloria Jurado Erazo, Secretary of Education, Pasto, Nariño

“Currently, we are focusing on returning to face-to-face education. This has been a challenging experience because the pandemic has left us with many fears. So La Aldea -from Unicef and ClickArte- has been a fundamental strategy. Thanks to this intitiative, our teachers, students, school administrators and the whole school community in our town have had an ally to keep pushing forward. 10 of our schools, which represents around 5000 students and 240 teachers, have benefited from this wonderful strategy. This strategy has been highly valued by teachers, and the secretariat is completely on board with it”.

Gloria Jurado Erazo, Secretary of Education in Pasto

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