5 reasons why teachers are using La Aldea for reopening schools!

  1. This is a strategy that can be used for both face-to-face learning and distance learning. 
  2. The stories and characters of La Aldea are a thought-provoking exploration of the world we live in. 
  3. The book La Aldea: stories for a world in transition was specifically created to face the challenges of the present time: How to design a blended-learning lesson? How to face uncertainty?  How to cope with health and safety measures? How to ensure learning and fun? 
  4. La Aldea represents more than 8 weeks of learning with four chapters of stories, more than 65 learning activities, a fun tool for self-evaluation, a Carol claw that gives students power for classroom participation and a poster for children to become authors and illustrators of La Aldea. 
  5. This is a tool that not only supports students, but also teachers. With a single book, teachers can approach different subjects: language, mathematics, natural sciences, art, social-emotional learning, and much more. 
  6. La Aldea includes songs, videos, audiobooks, yoga exercises and a website. 

La Aldea is so much more than just a book; it’s an entire universe!

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