“La Aldea is directly related to our context”

The Colegio Puerto Santander Educational Institution is located in a border town with Venezuela surrounded by 3 large rivers and inhabited by a floating population that comes and goes across the bridge that connects both countries. Displacement, social conflict and families with many economic difficulties are some of the characteristics of this corner of Colombia in Norte de Santander. A high percentage of the institution’s courses are made up of migrant boys and girls. Their families face great difficulties, but they struggle to give their children a better present.

We spoke with Ángela Sandoval, a teacher at the institution, who told us what impact the arrival of La Aldea has had on the educational community:

Click: After the training processes with La Aldea, do you plan to implement the strategy with the students?

Ángela: In 2022 we begin the implementation of La Aldea and we are sure that the impact will be positive on our students. La Aldea is directly related to our context and also addresses transversality, an element that we are implementing at the school. From the study plan, analyzing the resources that La Aldea provides us, we observe that it is created through problematic situations. From the academic management and from the academic council, the community has been planning and guiding so that the learning processes with the students are based on problems. The objective is that they can analyze these problems and learn to be more critical. That is our orientation and La Aldea comes with that same purpose, with that same thread of analysis. It will complement us.

C: Is La Aldea necessary in an educational community like Puerto Santander?

A: It supports us and is a very significant resource for our teaching-learning processes. All the material, resources and methodology of La Aldea will help us a lot to delve into student learning in a meaningful and creative way because of everything that this universe offers us.

C: From an aesthetic point of view, what is your opinion of La Aldea?

A: The book of La Aldea is very complete, varied, funny, special. It brings many tools that encourage the interest of students. The size, the color, the characters, the challenges, the exercises… it is a book that children can easily continue at home and can continue to explore and develop, without the need for a guide. They are easily understandable materials and promote autonomous learning.

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