“For us it is very important that teachers are trained in emergencies”

“For us it is very important that the teacher is trained in an emergency, especially in these times of uncertainty and so much risk. It is important because suddenly many teachers do not have the capacity or the tools to approach students in this particular context. When one reads or reviews the book of La Aldea, one connects with it. For the entire educational community this is fundamental, but also for parents, who are essential in the education of students.

For this reason, La Aldea is a very pertinent strategy and it is very transversal. Not only because of the purely cognitive training, but because of the comprehensive training that has to do with being and how children are capable of facing situations on an emotional level. To the extent that the student feels empowered, trained and with all this socio-emotional training, this will be reflected in their performance and development.

The pandemic has taught us a lesson: we always have to be adapting to change and we have to be prepared, which is why I believe that La Aldea is more relevant than ever and allows all those who are part of the educational community to have that mentality of adaptation. necessary to deal with education in an emergency situation”.

Interview with Carolina Marulanda
Undersecretary of Pedagogical Research and Development of the Secretary of Education of Cúcuta

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